How Close is Too Close?

Spatial awareness is incredibly important when riding a scooter in Taiwan. Riders should be aware of their surroundings, other vehicles, pedestrians, and should practice safe riding techniques – such as using your turning signals to notify other vehicles, and giving people enough space to pass.
Due to the large number of scooters, and the fast-paced nature on the roads, it is not uncommon for riders to lack spatial awareness and engage in reckless or dangerous riding behavior. Riding or driving too close beside or behind the other riders is incredibly common on Taiwan roads, and can come across as an intimidation tactic. If you intimidate someone, it can only make things worse.
Coming up too close beside someone (while moving) is dangerous and can make the other driver beside you even more aggressive. So, why not give everyone a bit of space? If you have room to overtake, use it. There is no need to frighten your fellow riders or pedestrians by riding so close.
If you are close enough to touch another rider with any of your limbs stretched out, you are too close! 
By giving everyone a bit of extra space while passing or overtaking, we can make the roads a safer place for everyone.