There are several factors that determine whether a scooter needs to be serviced or repaired if it has been parked for an extended period of time. 


This would include the age of the vehicle, its maintenance history, and the specific issues it might be experiencing.


The first things that tend to need maintenance when parked for extended periods are: 


Battery: Batteries gradually lose their charge over time, and if left unused they can lose the power they need to turn over the engine. If you are unable to ride your vehicle for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you at least start your vehicle once every two weeks to keep the battery charged. 


Fuel: Fuel can degrade over time, which can lead to clogs in the carburetor and fuel lines. Draining the fuel system is advised for scooters / motorcycles parked for longer periods.


Tires: Scooters may develop flat spots due to constant pressure in one spot, and moving the vehicle from time to time may save you a set of tires.

Also, remember to check the tire pressure when you get back from your holiday!


Fluids: Depending on how long the vehicle has been sitting, make sure to check the oil levels, brake fluid and find out about the service history if it is a second-hand vehicle. 


General Inspection: If the vehicle has been parked for a long time, look for signs of damage, wear-and-tear and corrosion. Check the lights, brakes and controls to make sure everything is functioning the way it should. 


In summary, there is no specific time frame a scooter or motorcycle can be parked before it needs to be repaired. However, having it serviced after it has been sitting for several months will most likely be required. 


Make sure to ask for the service history if you intend on buying a second-hand vehicle. Or, if you already have a scooter or motorcycle, ask a friend to start, move or ride it every now and again if you are away on that extended business trip or vacation.