How long does it take to learn how to ride an automatic scooter?


This depends on the rider’s ability. If you are able to ride a pedal bike, it usually takes about 1 week to learn how to ride an automatic scooter. This is because it takes some time to get used to the weight and balance of the vehicle. Some new students might have trouble getting used to the power and speed of a motorized scooter, but this can all be learned by taking lessons, and getting a decent amount of practice.


If you haven’t ridden a bicycle for a while, learning how to ride might take a bit longer. The difficult thing to get used to for beginners when riding an automatic scooter, is learning to balance the body and adjusting the throttle so the motorcycle doesn’t move too fast or too slow.


Another thing that takes a bit of time getting used to, is riding on local roads. Some foreign students might be familiar with the driving styles in their own countries, but might lack the skill, confidence and know-how to drive in a foreign country. 


In Taiwan, and Taipei specifically, the roads are much more densely populated – so there are way more vehicles on the road. Therefore, it's recommended to get proper training before taking to the streets – ensuring your safety and the safety of others.