Taiwan is an amazing place to ride a scooter!
1. Taiwan has incredibly beautiful mountain roads. There is nothing that compares to the enjoyment, flexibility and freedom of having your own wheels to explore and navigate your way through the mountains. 
2. Scooters are a very affordable means of transport, and buying a second hand scooter or motorcycle is relatively cheap and easy to do. 
3. If you encounter any issues with your scooter or need to do an oil change, it’s usually very quick and inexpensive. On average, a basic service or repair job costs anywhere between NT$200-NT$800, and mechanics are very fair.
4. Filling up a tank of gas only costs about NT$100-120, and can last you a whole week depending on how much riding you do. 
5. If you possess a Taiwan issued driver’s license, Taiwan also has great options for renting scooters. These electric scooters offer great options for shorter journeys within the inner city limits. 
Taiwan has so much beauty to offer!