With Taiwan being a small island, space is incredibly limited. This has made the roads and alleys in Taiwanese cities very tight and narrow. With limited space for parking available, you will often see cars stopping near the sidewalk on the right side of the road, or near that fancy drinks shop for a quick snack.
You’ve most likely gotten out of a taxi and been asked to exit on the right side of the road. – This is all done for passenger safety, and most importantly, because the taxi driver doesn’t want his car to be damaged in the process. Drivers of these motor vehicles often have no choice but to exit on the unsafe, moving traffic side of the road. But there is no excuse for not checking before opening doors.
Proper etiquette for getting out of the driver’s seat, is to check your mirrors before exiting. After that, open your door slightly, check again while checking your blind spot, and get out safely before an approaching vehicle comes.
Some drivers open their doors without looking, and put themselves and other vehicles at risk. Scooter riders can sometimes put themselves at risk too, by driving too close to these parked cars – giving the unforeseen car door an opportunity to snatch up its next victim.
To avoid unwanted trouble, stay at least a car door width away from any parked cars. When getting out of the car, be sure to look out for scooters, motorcycles, cyclists and other moving vehicles.