There is no specific answer to this question. It all depends on your home country, how old your license is, the reciprocity agreements and political relationship between countries. 


In some cases, it is accepted because the countries follow similar road rules and regulations. Most often, you will still need to complete a physical check and other written examinations.


For passport holders of some other countries, it is required that you give up your driver’s license in your home country to convert it to a local Taiwanese license – which could be quite confusing to comprehend. 


This is not always the case though, as these specific regulations change month to month depending on the specific country and diplomatic agreements.


If you have your car license converted, you will still be required to take the same tests to obtain a scooter or heavy-motorcycle license, and vice-versa. In most cases, license conversions are not allowed for license holders of a heavy-motorcycle or scooter, even with endorsements from your home country.


It is often recommended that you complete a fresh application so you do not have to lose or give up your license in your home country. 


Expired licenses from your own country do not qualify for conversion. 


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