One of the most common questions we get asked is whether it is necessary to do the driving training courses, even though the learner is already a capable driver. 


We understand that some drivers have had some kind of experience driving in their own countries, and wish to quickly do the practical tests in Taiwan and obtain their license without any training. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. 


We know that different countries have different road rules and testing procedures, so we recommend that drivers do at least the minimum amount of driving practice and training, so they are familiar with the road rules and other common practices here in Taiwan. 


When you complete or pass your drivers license tests - this makes us happy. Knowing that you have received the best training and preparation for the road ensures your safety and the safety of others. We are aware of the potential risks involved when riding or driving on Taiwan’s roads, which is why you deserve the best training. 


Not having the proper training or experience required can result in having to take the test(s) again and again, which can turn out to be incredibly time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. We suggest that you do it right the first time – Let us help you! 


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