Getting Your Scooter or Motorcycle Serviced

There are a number of repair shops located around the city that are more than capable of servicing your vehicle. They are extremely common, and you can often find several workshops located all on the same street. These workshops generally charge similar prices for a service. Of course, this all depends on the scooter / motorcycle make and model.
Most scooters have a metered ‘service reminder’ device located on the dashboard of your speedometer/ odometer. This device is set to change from green to red when your motorcycle has done about 2000 – 3000 kilometers since its last service. This is not an engine warning, but it is a good indication that it is time for you to take your scooter or motorcycle in for a checkup. The workshop will make sure to reset this device after each oil change or service. If there is an issue with your odometer on your scooter, this device wouldn’t work as it is designed to, and would also affect your ability to monitor distance and speed.
A basic service is relatively inexpensive and costs approximately NT$300-1200 depending on the quality of oil you choose for your engine. This fee would include the change of engine and gear oil which are usually changed at the same time.
Scooter workshops also tend to check the quality of your brakes – they usually take a few minutes to reset the pressure in your pads and make sure they are not too spongy. They also check your tire pressure and add air if necessary.
Vehicles aged between five and ten years must undergo an annual emissions inspection. Private vehicles over ten years old must be inspected twice a year. This test is done to ensure that your scooter still passes the standard fuel consumption and CO2 emissions test. This service is quick, inexpensive and often comes free with your service.