How does the two-stage left turn work?


The Taiwan two-stage left turn is a unique traffic maneuver that is commonly used in Taiwan and some other countries in Asia. It is a way for drivers to make a left turn at an intersection without crossing oncoming traffic.


In a typical left turn, a driver would merge into the left lane and wait for a gap in oncoming traffic to make the turn. However, in busy intersections, it can be difficult to find a safe gap in traffic.

The Taiwan two-stage left turn avoids this problem by breaking the left turn into two stages. 


First, the driver merges into the right-hand lane and proceeds straight through the intersection, crossing over to the opposite side of the road. Then, the driver waits in a designated area, usually marked with a painted box on the road, until the light changes in the direction the driver would like to go. 


This maneuver may seem counterintuitive at first, but it can be a safer and a more efficient way to make a left turn in busy intersections with heavy traffic. It is also designed to reduce the chance of collisions between other left-turning vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. 


Unfortunately, for pedestrians, some scooter drivers often drive on the pedestrian crossings and marked bicycle lanes when making the turn, which can make some pedestrians quite nervous while crossing. It is also common to see pedestrians walking in bicycle lanes, which forces bicycles into pedestrian lanes and / or onto the road. This causes some irritation and can be quite upsetting for everyone. 


The Taiwan two-stage left turn is just one example of how different countries and regions have developed unique traffic regulations and driving practices to accommodate their specific needs and conditions. 


To make roads safer, there were talks about the Ministry of Transportation and Communications possibly making changes to how left turns for scooters and motorcycles are made. However, at the moment, it is important to recognize that scooter riders should still employ the two-stage turn method for their safety when making turns in this manner. 


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