Lane Splitting / Filtering
What is lane splitting? – Lane splitting is the act of riding a scooter or motorcycle between the lanes or rows of slow moving or stopped traffic.
Lane filtering is very much a part of Taiwan scooter culture. It can be quite intimidating for new riders. If done in a slow and calculated manner, it can save you time, and put you in a safer position at the front of a traffic light.
Why is getting to the front of a traffic light safer? There are less cars up front, which means there is less stopping and starting, and it can help maintain the flow of traffic by allowing faster accelerating vehicles such as scooters to get out the way at the front of the traffic light. 
Lane filtering is more risky while passing between faster moving vehicles. There are a lot of ‘experienced’ riders on Taiwan roads that I’ve seen barely squeezing between cars while traveling at high speeds – neglecting their own safety, and sometimes the safety of a passenger.
There is a designated square for scooters to stop at the front of a traffic light. This allows time and space for scooters to gather before the light changes, and gives scooter riders that head start.
Choose your moment wisely – Hold back, observe, and filter lanes only when it is safe to do so.